Sex (some), rock, beer and fries. In its current “temporarily final” (according to Gravel) guise, GravelWorks is a showcase of moods, humour, bodies, musical colours, short dances, pop songs, personalities and friendly impertinence. Presented in “best of ” concert form, the elastic temporality of this piece (begun in 2006), has undergone a number of variations depending on the number of artists involved and the arrangement of the stand-alone pieces as an ensemble.

Whether in long or short version, it has attracted audiences at Studio 303, Performance Mix in Soho, Tangente and The Art (pronounce “dehors”) during the first OFF.T.A. event. Constructed like a Moebius strip, it takes the spectator on a journey between the inside and the outside of the spectacle, or, as Gravel himself suggests, from the head to the heart to the genitals, in whichever order you wish!

Gravel Works, his rock-concert-like show, is one of the nicest dance events we have seen in a long time.
– Le Monde, Paris

Created in 2008


Concept and Direction Frédérick Gravel
Performers at the creation Stéphane Boucher, Francis Ducharme, Frédérick Gravel, Hugo Gravel, Ivana Milicevic, Lucie Vignault, Jamie Wright
Original Music Stéphane Boucher, Hugo Gravel
Light Alexandre Pilon-Guay
Dramaturgy Katya Montaignac
Rehearsal Director Anne Lebeau (à la création)


Production Frédérick Gravel
Executive producer Daniel Léveillé Danse
Coproduction Festival TransAmériques, Tangente
Development Marie-Andrée Gougeon; George Skalkogiannis
With the support of Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec and Canada Council for the Arts

Frédérick Gravel is member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.


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