A leading voice in Quebec theater, Étienne Lepage captures the imagination with his rhythmic language and cruel humour. Presenting humans who are as clumsy as they are disturbing, his work makes us contemplate the powerlessness of our wills in all its magnitude.

Animated by numerous strong collaborations, among others with Catherine Vidal (Robin et Marion, L’Idiot, Le Cœur en hiver), Claude Poissant (Rouge Gueule, Le Ravissement) and Frédérick Gravel (Logique du pire, Ainsi parlait…), his work leads him to the international contemporary scene as well as to institutional theaters. Very present on the Montreal stage, he is also known in Europe and in the rest of North America where his plays are translated and performed regularly.

He has just presented his play Malaise dans la civilisation at the FTA (2022), which he created in collaboration with Alix Dufresne.

Ainsi parlait… and Logique du pire are texts unlike any others. They come from several small disparate ideas. They took shape and morphed through contact with space and performers, and they finally took their meaning somewhere during the representations.
- Revue Jeu, Montreal

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