SOLO 2024 : SOLO 2024: Manuel Roque’s latest project

Starting from a complex and agitated post-pandemic context, Manuel Roque formulates a series of fundamental questions:

How can we start moving again after a period of inertia? How to move? To what end? To say what? The notions of uncertainty, wandering and fumbling quickly asserted themselves.

How does the body organize itself in a permanent situation of imbalance in order to renew momentum?

This notion of imbalance on a physical level, through the writing of a choreographic score where the absence of perfect verticality predominates, makes the body evolve in a dimension that challenges with the notion of directionality.

To translate this notion of directionality, Manuel Roque draws on the use of repetitive patterns and morphing that previously guided him in bang bang and Sierranevada. These repeated patterns and incremental variations illustrate the idea of a journey that the body traverses and writes in the moment: from a point of departure, interspersed with stages, successive transformations and potential moments of grace, up to the point of arrival.

I've always been interested in the solo format. I find that the main challenge of this format lies in its integrity and singularity, something that revolves around the notion of identity and how this singularity of identity echoes a collective identity. For through the act of actually sharing the performance, it's important to me that the audience can connect (project or identify itself) with what's being conveyed.
Manuel Roque


Choreography: Manuel Roque
Interpretation: Manuel Roque
Doubler/ Apprentice: Nils Levazeux
Lighting design: Karine Gauthier
Costumes: Marilène Bastien
Artistic assistants: Lucie Vigneault and Sophie Corriveau
Outside eye: Sophie Corriveau

Residency: La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines
Executive production: DLD


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