Three excerpts will be presented on November 28th from 9:30 PM to 11:00 PM at Circuit-Est:

As part of Parcours Danse, DLD is organizing an “OFF” evening, bringing together three of our artists, Frédérick Gravel, Manuel Roque et Daniel Léveillé.

DLD à Parcours Danse, avec Daniel Léveillé, Manuel Roque et Frédérick Gravel. Amour, acide et noix, Solo 2024 et une création en cours.

Amour, acide et noix : new cast

20 years after its creation, Amour, acide et noix by Daniel Léveillé gets a new look!

See for the first time an excerpt from this latest rendition, performed by one of the dancers, Lou Amsellem.

Amour, acide et noix speaks of solitude but also and most specifically of the infinite tenderness of touch, the harshness of life and the desire for avoidance or escape from these bodies, often so heavy. Amour, acide et noix presents nudity as the only true alternative to the reading of the body, frank and free of false modesty.

Is not the skin the one true body costume?

SOLO 2024, a choreography by Manuel Roque

Surrounded by black curtains, a solitary body wanders, unfurling in the wind, in the midst of an empty space. Echoing collective inertia, but also a hypersensitive existentialism, Solo 2024 kynesthetically translates the loss of bearings through movements that are sometimes repetitive, sometimes sinuous, towards an intimate and emotional register. From the individual to the collective body, in spite of the current whirlwinds that are shaking our certainties, Manuel Roque subjectively observes the world as it spins perpetually.

Frédérick Gravel : Work in Progress

A study of the moment. The moment before the cataclysm, the nanosecond disrupting balance. Torn between realisation and denial, the temporal thread never stops tightening. After Fear and Greed (2019) and Gravel (re)Works (2023), Frederick is back in the studio for a new project. Get a first look inside his new creation.

About Parcours Danse

Spanning over 5 days and organized by La danse sur les Routes du Québec (La DSR), Parcours Danse welcomes over 300 professionals from here and abroad. For its 19th edition, Parcours Danse presents 50 works in the official selection, including “Memorial” by Frédérick Gravel and yako.

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