“Logic of the worst” : A play featuring five performers who come to unfold the concept of the worst in front of the audience.

Moving from anecdotes to demonstrations to flights of fancy, the worst reveals itself as a powerful philosophical corrosive, exposing our relationship with the world in a cruel, dark, and playful light. Even the performers won’t escape it.



December 3rd, 2023 : Mexico

December 6 + 7, 2023 : Chihuahua

For the first time, “Logic of the Worst” will be presented in Mexico as part of DramaFestival, an international festival of contemporary dramaturgy.

Created by Étienne Lepage and Frédérick Gravel, the play combines the sharp writing of the playwright with the explosive staging of the choreographer.

An exploration of the dark, the cruel, the ugly… in short, the Logic of the Worst.

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