A microfiction, a game of presence – absence. A piano. The sequence shot as a writing of time and space. A camera moves away, bodies get closer. A camera that approaches, bodies that move away. A double movement of reciprocity between the movements of the camera and those of the choreography. A combinatory in the service of a continuum.

*A Silent Tale is part of the video album Gravel (re)Works, made of five short films in the form of musical, choreographic and photographic moments. The pieces are available independently or in the assembled 42-minute format.


Cast : David Albert-Toth, Alexia Martel, Jacynthe Desjardins, Stacey Désilier, Jean-Benoit Labrecque, Louise Michel Jackson, Kimberley de Jong et Abe Simon Mijnheer
Composition, Piano et voix : Frédérick Gravel

A co-creation by Frédérick Gravel et Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako)
A production of DLD | Direction artistique Frédérick Gravel
Co-direction, choreography and musical composition : Fred Gravel
Co-direction, photo/cinematography : yako
Musical direction : Philippe Brault

Sound recording, sound design and mix : Bruno Pucella
Rehearsal direction : Jamie Wright
Framing : Marie-Pier Diamond et Benjamin Schiavi-Paris
Photography : yako
Art direction, costume design : Geneviève Lizotte
Costumes, hairstyling and make-up : Studio ZX, Victor Ouellet
Music production : Philippe Brault
Editing : In Motion Veritas (yako)
Calibration : Post-moderne
Technical team : François Legris + Philippe Saint-Laurent + Jacques Girard + Ian Deraspe-Guay + Augustin Binette
Production Direction : Alice Renucci
Production officer : Laurent Forget

Postproduction : Post-moderne (Laurence, Patricia, Alexandre)
Postproduction : In Motion Veritas (yako)
Graphic design, titling and subtitling : In Motion Veritas (yako)

With the support of : Danse Danse, La Sala Rossa et du Conseil des arts du Canada.

Communications DLD | Direction artistique Frédérick Gravel


Fred Gravel would like to thank Chloé Leriche for the sensitive eyes and wise advice, Philippe Brault, FIFA, all the members of the GAG, the entire DLD team and especially all the performers in this film and those who have helped create all the research playgrounds over the years.

yako thanks Julie-Anne Côté and the In Motion Veritas Board of Directors, Giovanna Borasi and the CCA team, Philippe Del Drago and the FIFA team, Ziad Touma, Eva Quintas, Sylvain Bleau, Virginie Comblet, Jil Guyon, Karen Bernard and Marie-Andrée Gougeon for their support, as well as François Blouin, Denis Coté, Frédérique Cournoyer-Lessard and Sophie Deraspe, who provided us with valuable advice.

Frédérick Gravel is a member of Circuit-Est centre chorégraphique.
yako is a member of RAAV/ARRQ/CAPIC


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