With Phos, Gladyszewski probes the psychophysiology of visual perception and the phenomenon of retinal persistence. Within this work, light, movement, and memory become the base materials, and impermanence its underlying backdrop. A craftsman of light, Gladyszewski builds his own tools and optical instruments in order to explore questions surrounding the image-making consciousness.

Inside a precisely–controlled environment containing an immense photo-sensitive canvas, a numeric paintbrush, and a video-thermal projection system, he has created a universe referencing the language of photography [and painting]. The spectator will be guided through this black box in order to experience perceptual phenomena melding the formal and the immaterial with a state of reverie.

Created in 2015


Concept, choreography and video Stéphane Gladyszewski
Assistant director and projectionnist Justine Ricard
Sound Michel F Côté
Light Jean Jauvin
Performers at the creation Martin Bélanger et Lucie Vigneault
Dramaturgy Peter James
Programming and electronics expect Artificiel inc. + Samuel St-Aubin
Video installation Stéphane Gladyszewski
Crane building Dix2 + Stéphane Gladyszewski (nased on a concept by Pierre Tabib)
Numeric Brush Artificiel inc.
Designer Simon Martin
Imaging Stéphane Gladyszewski
Costume design and props Marie-Claude Jalbert


Production Stéphane Gladyszewski
Coproduction Festival TransAmériques

Administrative and Development support Daniel Léveillé Danse as part of its sponsorship project


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