SOFTLAMP.autonomies is a dance co-created by Malik Nashad Sharpe (aka marikiscrycrycry) and Ellen Furey where their concurrent solo practices collide, creating new textures and embodiments built upon not-yet-here, not-yet-attainable– solidarities and autonomies in between their bodies.

Pivoting towards a pluralist aesthetics, suggesting possibilities beyond authoritarian and coercive visions, SOFTLAMP.autonomies is a repurposed slogan on-top of the abandoned office with a flickering light, deep in the deep blue hegemonic push, trying to believe. Buy this. Viewers discretion is MANDATORY.

The performance creates a powerful and cohesive affective field that nonetheless permits a wide variety of responses to coexist: delight, stupor, impatience, awe, reverie, and, for me, a moment of pure adrenalized thrill.
– Philip Gates, Contemporary Performance (New York)

Created in 2018


Co-creators and performers Ellen Furey (CA) + Malik Nashad Sharpe (UK/USA)
Lights Paul Chambers
Music Pillen by Yung Hurn, looped by Christopher Willis
Dramaturgy / Outside Eye Dana Michel


Production Ellen Furey
Executive Producer DLD – Daniel Léveillé Danse
Creative Residencies Studio 303 (Montréal), La Chapelle Scènes Contemporaines (Montréal), MAI (Montréal), Chisenhale Dance Space (Londres)
Support Conseil des arts du Canada
Development DLD – Daniel Léveillé Danse


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